Your Safety Is Our Highest Priority

We go to great lengths to ensure every scaffolding system we create is installed to the highest standards by the right people. No matter what size the set up, it starts safe and stays that way until your job is done.


Obtain all required licenses & approvals


All equipment fully inspected every time


Only fully trained experts do the job

Every Setup Has To Be Safe

There is almost always a way to assemble safe scaffolding and we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions. However, if we don’t think we can make your scaffolding meet the required standards we’ll always tell you the honest truth.

You’re In Good Hands With Us

Always The Highest Quality

You can rest assured that every single product we rent or sell meets or exceeds all WSB and CSA standards. To us that’s just common sense.

Our Partners In Doing It Right

We consistently work with these associations to ensure we’re staying up to date on the latest products and methods, as well as following all of the current rules and guidelines.